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Website News Server Change
Posted on Mon, 14 Apr 2008 14:18:38 by Peter Bailey

blog image Public Warehouse has successfully changed servers! Apart from being more stable and faster, the new host comes with SQL. This means a better forum and other cool features to come (by the way, if you have a thread on the old forums, it hasn't been deleted - go here, but continue the discussion in the new forums).

To celebrate, Public Warehouse is offering Lightblog and Flatfort for free for a limited time.

Posted on Wed, 30 Jan 2008 16:42:35 by Peter Bailey

blog image Not much activity on Public Warehouse for a while. I've been working on

I recently found an old PHP app i used to mod all shriveled up and dying. It's got a GNU licence so i snatched it up and restored it.

It's a text file based forum but it's got loads of bugs and has been discontinued. I fixed the major bugs and various html errors, i also designed a new skin for it and rearranged some things. I named my version Springboard (spring as in spring clean and board as in bulletin board).

I unleashed it today, hope someone can make some use of it.

Lightblog 9.3
Posted on by Peter Bailey

9.3 is now available for download! 2 new features: private messaging for members and a user list. It might not look like a lot but at the rate new versions are released it is!

It's hard to tell what you want, most of the new features are requests and that helps. If you want a feature unique to you, please ask! Most are made within 3 days and are completely free.

I've also just updated the dark skin. I noticed the sidebar wasn't working properly on newer versions of Lightblog, but now it does!

PHP Apps SitePoll == QuickPoll
Posted on by Peter Bailey

After noticing there was already a 'QuickPoll', our name had to be dropped and has now become SitePoll.

I liked QuickPoll

PHP Apps FileBrowser Update
Posted on by Peter Bailey

blog image Just finished updating FileBrowser. I found that trying to browse 'backwards' from the directory the file is in causes file opening to misbehave. So I stopped that. I've also fixed the undefined variable bug, but that wouldn't have been a problem unless your php_ini's error reporting is set to display those errors.

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